The Lazy Man’s Guide To property valuation

Gotta stop saying that yes okay okay fair fair enough he saw the so-called game are people were hurt by this may absolutely but here’s the interesting thing when they when the feds the took him away %uh they locked him they gave him licenses were phenomenal first-time offense they lock up his mother they like his sister in the lot of his brother so the question is will receivership race you there you go so when you lock up.

an entire family what happens to those kids right I’m a twenty years later Mario signed gets murdered in the same neighborhood that his father used to do drugs in be you need those little bottles there you go you can’t take a community’s gonna prosper when you’re killing of all the mid-it isn’t it would happen if universal call and I mean I get that dough bu tit’s just that simple yeah but let my.


I agree agree breaking the law is wrong we all we all agree on that but the punishment has to fit the crime I me life sentences I don’t understand it up you another brother dodo barely got up forty years for possessing a gram a crack I mean come on now in if you really had a secret if you really wanna see people breaking the law be really wanna see people possessing drugs go to a college campus on the weekend but I guarantee they will never raises college campus the way they’ll go open the lid lock everybody up and not only that you said.

people shouldn’t sell drugs in a note is gonna be a tough statement but understand it terms like like you said you did name a young man Melbourne and take care of his his grandmother his mother in his other he demanded a house in John you say get a job at McDonald main and Was now a nap in a VIII make them ready to begin to be that the invite I just got into it everybody around you is doing something in that how you were raised in that name any doing sometimes it hired NASA okay well as I am a while and then and only then because.