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Four participants from each province and territory (one in each of the four disciplines) will be selected to participate during the two weeks of the games. Selected artists will be members of Team Yukon with the same responsibilities and privileges as the athletes. You should clearly mention all the services you need in advance to avoid getting a shock later. Costs are covered, but all team members are required to pay the same participation fee: approximately $275. Proposals from Yukon artists must be submitted on or before Friday, November 15. Application packages are available from the Arts Section of the Cultural Services Branch located at 100 Hanson Street. Learn More: E Tax Depreciation Schedules

That’s the question from Environment Yukon and the Yukon Fish and Game Association who are working in partnership on a Yukon-wide sheep survey. In the past, biologists have relied only on helicopter surveys to determine the number of lambs born each year. But these surveys are expensive and provide limited information for just a few subzones each year.

This project will expand to include information for the whole territory. Hunters can contribute valuable information with their knowledge of the area and first-hand observations of sheep numbers. This is an excellent opportunity for local people to provide valuable input and we ask that all hunters share their sightings with us, This type of cooperative partnerships and information sharing will hopefully be an ongoing process in the future. Hunters will be pleased to know that their input can contribute greatly to the management process. No one is asked to reveal their secret sheep hunting spots, but everyone is asked to record the numbers of nursery bands – groups of ewes, lambs and yearlings and which subzones they were seen in.

The Yukon Fish & Game Association have often told us that we should take advantage of the vast amount of knowledge that local people have, This survey demonstrates that the government is listening and that we are doing something positive in response. The data collected will be used to provide information on the relationship between survival of lambs and the harvest of these sheep 7 to 10 years later. This information is valuable for a number of purposes related to wildlife management and good decision-making, The number of lambs born each year is the key piece of information that we can use to look at the health of sheep populations.